Personal Injury Claims

Our Personal Injury Department is able to assist with any accident and injury claim. The Department is headed by Nick Thomas, a solicitor with over twenty years experience in this field. We have over ten years experience in dealing with claims under “no win no fee” arrangements and are expert in advising you as to your options. Nick Thomas is a member of The Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel. We are members of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and of the Accident Line scheme offering after the event insurance in suitable cases.

Conditional Fee Agreements & Disbursement Funding Arrangements

We will assess the prospects of success of new cases free of charge. Public funding (formerly Legal Aid) is not generally available for Personal Injury cases. Most cases are now taken on under a Conditional Fee Agreement backed with suitable insurance. We would be happy to act alternatively on a private fee paying basis or under any pre-existing legal expenses insurance policy where this is agreed by the insurance company concerned.

We can offer disbursement funding arrangements so that no payment is required from the client before, during, or prior to the conclusion of the case.

We aim to recover all our costs from the Defendant so that the client achieves maximum recovery of their compensation.

We act for victims of any accident which is not the victim’s fault or time barred (generally within the last three years but there are exceptions).

Examples of accident claims we can help with can include the following:-

  • Road traffic accidents (drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists)
  • Accidents at work (employees or the self employed)
  • Slips and trips (on public highways, private premises or retail premises)
  • Occupational Disease (such as asbestosis, repetitive strain, stress at work etc)
  • Product Defect and Defective Premises (including defective constructions, labelling or maintenance, food poisoning etc)

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we will consider any appropriate set of circumstances in our initial free assessment.

We also can help with the following injury claims:-

  • Professional Negligence (claims against former solicitors in respect of personal injury or other matters)
  • Actions against the police (assault, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution etc). In suitable cases Public Funding is still available for these actions. We can assess eligibility for this (means testing applies).
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation cases

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

We can assist victims of crime to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. If within scope financially we can provide Public Funding for this. Alternatively we can offer a form of no win no fee arrangement.

We can offer facilities to see clients in their own homes [particularly in respect of initial assessment] or at our office in Croydon. Clients with disability in particular will be accommodated in this way.

If you would like to contact us regarding this matter online, please complete our personal injury contact form.