About Us

As you look around the site you will have seen the phrase our clients are first. This reflects our commitment to delivering a first class service across all our departments with the emphasis on obtaining the most favourable outcome possible for you.

As we deal with your matter we aim to keep you fully informed at every step of the way in plain language. All advice we give you is confirmed in writing and we do our best to respond to your calls and enquiries as quickly as possible.

Whatever matter we are dealing with for you there will be a result that represents the best possible outcome; whether that is a successfully negotiated divorce settlement, a well drafted will or a smooth uncomplicated house move. That is what we aim to achieve because we know that although we deal with legal matters every day of the year, whatever you have come to us for advice about is important and second best is never going to be good enough. In order to achieve these aims we believe it is necessary for our lawyers to specialize.

In some firms you will find lawyers who practice a mixture of different types of law. If you look at the our people section of the website you will see that our lawyers have chosen a particular area to specialise in. In that way they can ensure they are up to date with legal developments in their chosen field and you can be confident that you are getting the best advice and representation possible.

There are a variety of possible sources of funding your case, from hourly private client rates through conditional fees to a full Legal Representation Order which can sometimes mean no cost to you. When we take your case on we will explain which sources of funding are appropriate and available to you. If there is any cost to you at all we will ensure that you are fully aware of the way in which our fees are calculated and keep you informed as they are incurred.

Payment can be by credit card or Standing Order if you wish. In some departments we offer a fixed fee interview to assess the nature of your case at the outset. Whatever we do for you we want you to feel that you received a first class service at a reasonable price. There are many firms to choose from but you need one that puts you and your case at the centre of the way it does business. Come and talk to us and find out why we say Our Clients Are First.