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Property disputes can be highly stressful and emotive for the parties involved. Whatever your issue, whether you are involved in a disagreement with your neighbour, you are facing eviction proceedings for rent or mortgage arrears, or you are a landlord dealing with a problem tenant, you need specialist advice you can trust.

We have a team of committed property dispute solicitors who can assist you whether you are a landlord or tenant, freeholder or leaseholder, sub-tenant or licensee.

We can offer you initial advice and then provide you with assistance throughout the case or advise you on the steps you can take to remedy the problem.

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Our property disputes solicitors’ expertise

We can assist with a wide range of property dispute matters, including:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Leasehold and freehold disputes
  • Eviction and possession proceedings
  • Landlord & tenant disputes
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Planning disputes
  • Parking disputes
  • Land Registry issues

Boundary Disputes

Our boundary dispute solicitors understand how frustrating it is to find that a neighbour or third party disagrees with your understanding of property boundaries and starts imposing on your land.

Whether someone is using part of your land as a parking area, blocking a right of way or refusing to cut back a tree in their garden that is causing damage to your property, we can help.

We can advise on boundary disputes with the goal of helping you reach a constructive agreement as swiftly as possible. We can also provide advice on using litigation to enforce your ownership rights to protect your land and boundaries, prevent future conflict and resolve the difficulties that uncertainty over use of land and property boundaries can bring.

We can offer a wealth of resources to assist you, such as planning expertise and reliable surveyors who can help us to identify the boundary issues and use of dispute resolution to resolve issues, ensuring a cost effective result.

Leasehold and freehold disputes

We can help with a range of leasehold and freehold related disputes, for example, if your tenant is not paying their service charges or you are a leaseholder and have a dispute with your landlord over disrepair or the level of service charges.

We can also assist in disputes over leasehold enfranchisement – the process of buying the freehold to a leasehold home or extending the lease – including assisting in negotiations, challenging your leaseholder’s enfranchisement claim, and Tribunal proceedings.

Eviction and possession proceedings

Whether you are a landlord or tenant we can advise you on your rights to take possession or to defend possession proceedings. We have a team of solicitors who can represent you in court as well as advising you and negotiating a settlement for you wherever possible.

Landlord & tenant disputes

As well as our eviction and possession proceedings advice, we can advise on a wide variety of landlord and tenant disputes, including:

  • Rent arrears and other rent disputes
  • Maintenance and disrepairs
  • Deposit disputes
  • Service charge disputes

Neighbour disputes

Disagreements with your neighbours can be frustrating and disruptive to your life. We know that it can be difficult to address such issues rationally when they concern your private home. We can provide expert advice and support to help you negotiate a conclusion to the matter as amicably as possible, focusing on protecting your property rights. Our expertise includes:

  • Noise complaints – from loud music to excessive dog barking, we can provide advice where your noisy neighbours are ruining your enjoyment of your home
  • High hedges or trees – If your neighbour’s high hedges or trees are blocking out your light, we can help you take action
  • Overhanging trees – we can help you negotiate with your neighbour about cutting back trees that are hanging over your land or property
  • Shared amenities – we can provide advice about your rights of access (or your neighbours’ rights of access) to shared amenities such as drains and pipes, including maintenance and upkeep
  • Anti-social behaviour – if you neighbour is being abusive, threatening, or violent towards you, we can provide advice about taking legal action
  • Party wall issues – if you and your neighbour cannot come to an agreement about building work you want to carry out, building work they are carrying out, or required maintenance to a shared boundary (a “party wall”), we can help you find a solution

Planning disputes

We advise individuals on a wide range of planning issues, challenges, appeals and disputes. Whether your planning permission application has been refused or you are concerned about a neighbour’s development plans, you can count on us for expert advice and professional guidance.

Parking disputes

From neighbours or third parties parking on your land, parking ticket challenges and people blocking access to your driveway, we cover all parking related disputes. We understand the frustration and inconvenience these types of issues can cause so our goal is to help you find a solution as swiftly as possible whilst minimising costs.

Land Registry issues

Our property law expertise covers all types of Land Registry issues, including applications to update or correct the Register and issues with unregistered land.


We can advise on the enforceability of covenants – rules about what you can/cannot or must/must not do on or in relation to your land.

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