Property & Boundary Disputes

We have a team of solicitors who can assist you whether you are a landlord or tenant, freeholder or leaseholder, sub-tenant or licensee.

Our solicitors can offer you initial advice and then provide you with assistance throughout the case or advise you on the steps you can take to remedy the problem.

Boundary Disputes

We understand how frustrating it is to find that a neighbour or third party disagrees with your understanding of property boundaries and starts using part of your land as a parking area, blocks a right of way that you understand was yours to use or refuses to cut back a tree in their garden that is causing damage to your property. 

We can advise on boundary disputes and assist you to reach an agreement or use litigation to enforce your rights as an owner to protect your land and boundaries to prevent future conflict and the difficulties that uncertainty over use of land and property boundaries can bring.

We offer a wealth of resources to assist you, for example planning expertise, reliable surveyors who can help us to identify the boundary issues and use of dispute resolution to resolve issues to ensure a cost effective result.

Leasehold and freehold disputes

You can find information about extending your lease or purchasing or selling the freehold on this page Leasehold extensions and right to buy your freehold

We can help you with other disputes for example if your tenant is not paying their service charges or is you are a  leaseholder and have a dispute with your landlord over disrepair the level of service charges.

Eviction and possession proceedings

Whether you are a landlord or tenant we can advise you on your rights to take possession or to defend possession proceedings. We have a team of solicitors who can represent you in court as well as advising you and negotiating a settlement for you if that is your preferred option.

Please contact our property litigation solicitor Sherry Fard in the first instance on 02008 680 5018 or