Civil litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our litigation lawyers are here to help you with all civil litigation matters including professional negligence, contractual disputes with your suppliers or other third parties, debt management and negotiating compensation for poor or inadequate service to you or your business.

Professional Negligence

If you consider your previous solicitor has made a mistake in your case and you are concerned that they have been negligent and you may be entitled to compensation we can advise you on this and help you reach agreement or progress to court proceedings if the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation/dispute resolution.

Debt Management

If you or business are owed money and you have not been able to recover the debt yourself, we can take over the burden of chasing debt yourself which we know is time-consuming. Our aim is to recover the money for you with interest as soon as possible. Ideally the recovery of the debt would be achieved without court proceedings but in the event that the debt is not paid or is disputed then we will pursue the debt through litigation at court. Our experienced solicitors are familiar with the local courts and can represent you there so you have continuity of service with the same solicitor at court who has assisted you throughout the case. We aim to achieve the best outcome for you taking into account the costs implications of each action to recover the debt.

Disputes over contracts

We can advise you and your business on contractual disputes and advise on the remedies for any breaches of contract. Our solicitors are experienced civil litigators and can assist you to resolve contract disputes either through negotiation, referral to mediation and dispute resolution or by issuing or defending actions in court. We aim to advise you on the merits of your case and the costs implications of taking the range of actions available so you with a risk analysis of prospects of success; this enables you to make an informed decision about the next steps and the progress of your case.

If you have a dispute about a property or need advice then please see our page called Property Disputes for further information or contact us on 0208 680 5018.

If you want to discuss your contractual dispute and/or a litigation matter then please contact either Nicholas Thomas on 0208 680 5018 or Sherry Fard on 0208 680 5018 or