Divorce and Financial Settlements

Our experienced team of family lawyers understand the difficulties you face at the end of a relationship in sorting out arrangements about the family home, paying the bills and future arrangements for your income and/or the care of the children. 

 We are able to help steer you through this difficult time and, through negotiation, enable you to reach agreement with your ex partner.   

Financial Settlements

To try to facilitate agreement or at least narrow the issues of disagreement we can refer you to our local mediator or offer you mediation at our firm. See our mediator page.

Our family lawyers have years of experience if agreement cannot be reached then we can prepare you for court so you feel comfortable in the court process and understand how court works and what happens at each hearing.  

We work with a range of professionals that can help you at this difficult time, for example, as well as  referring  you to a mediator, we have information about counsellors who can assist you including divorce counsellors and we have a number of pensions and financial advisers who you can contact about future financial arrangements.


We can start and progress  your divorce at the same time as negotiating your financial settlement. Ideally you will be divorced and have resolved all financial issues between you and your ex by the time you reach Decree Absolute. This can take between four to eight months, sometimes slightly less and sometimes more time is required depending on how quickly the court or your ex partner respond to the divorce documentation, how quickly negotiations progress and if court applications are required.

Please contact us on 0208 680 5018 and ask to speak to one of our matrimonial lawyers.