Disputes over Children

Disputes over children are almost always difficult and emotional for all involved. We have solicitors who are experienced in this area of law and a mediator who can also assist you. Many of our solicitors have additional qualifications in working as lawyers with children because of the special skill involved.

Making arrangements to care for children after a relationship breakdown

Our mediator can assist both  parents in mediation  to enable you to make decisions about the arrangements for caring for your children after separation. If mediation Is not possible or not your choice then our experienced solicitors will advise you and negotiate an agreement with your ex partner. If negotiation is not possible we can make applications to court for Child Arrangement Orders and guide you through the court process as well as representing you in court. 

Negotiating time spent with your children or grandchildren

We advise parents on arranging time spent with their children when they have not been able to agree this with the other parent. We also advise grandparents who want to see their grandchildren and this has  been prevented due to a dispute.

Where possible we try to resolve matters without the need to go to court, through negotiation or a round table meeting. Sometimes court proceedings are necessary to protect you and your children or because we cannot agree without going to court. Many of our solicitors will represent you in court to provide continuity and their aim will be to make the process as stress free as possible by providing you  with information in advance of the court hearing and being present throughout at court to support you.

Urgent orders required ? – preventing  your child from being taken from your care

We can attend court with you in an emergency if you need to prevent your child being taken from your case or from school and also if you want the court to make a decision about which school your child attends or to prevent the child being moved abroad without your consent.

International family issues and  Child Abduction

If your child has been taken abroad unlawfully or you are facing threats from your ex partner to take your child then we can advise you and take steps to prevent this. If your child has been taken abroad unlawfully then we can put you in touch with lawyers and the central authority of the country where your child is staying and they will assist you.

If you live abroad and your child has been abducted and brought to this country unlawfully then we have solicitors specialist in child abduction who can represent you in court proceedings to apply for a location order to find out where your child is living  and orders to return them to your care. We work with the ICACU (International  Child Abduction and Contact Unit 0203 681 2608).

If you need to enforce Child Arrangement Orders abroad or manage maintenance of your child when their parent is abroad, we can advise you.

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