Divorce Solicitors in Blackheath

The end of a marriage can be a very challenging time, with both practical and emotional considerations that must be carefully handled. Our divorce solicitors in Blackheath are known for providing clear, sensible advice that can help make divorce easier while ensuring our clients achieve the best possible new start.

At Atkins Hope, we know how important it is to get the right divorce for you. We will listen to your priorities and help you find a way through the end of your relationship that protects the things that matter, while keeping conflict to a minimum wherever possible.

Our divorce lawyers can assist with matters including:

Our divorce solicitors in Blackheath can offer you:

  • Decades of experience handling both straightforward and highly complex divorces and related matters
  • Resolution trained mediators & collaborative lawyers
  • Law Society accreditation in Children Law
  • Resolution accreditation in Matrimonial Finances (Advanced)
  • Flexible funding options, including fixed fees, capped fees and deferred fee agreements where appropriate

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For sensible, practical divorce advice in Blackheath and across South London, please contact our Blackheath office.

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Our divorce advice services in Blackheath

Divorce proceedings

The process of getting divorced can be a daunting one, and it is certainly important to get all of the details right. We can help with completing and filing your divorce petition or responding to a divorce petition filed by your spouse, making sure everything is filled out correctly to avoid the risk of unnecessary delays or other problems.

Our Blackheath divorce lawyers are experts in matters including:

  • Initiating divorce proceedings
  • Responding to divorce proceedings
  • International divorce
  • Divorce where there are complex considerations including religious and cultural issues

Civil partnership dissolution

Ending a civil partnership is a slightly different process from ending a marriage, so it is crucial to understand how it works and exactly what you need to do. Our team will be happy to guide you through the whole process, keeping things as swift, straightforward and stress-free as possible.

We can assist with matters including:

  • Initiating the civil partnership dissolution process
  • Responding to civil partnership dissolution proceedings
  • Advice on issues such as parental responsibility where there are children to consider

Separation for unmarried couples

When a cohabiting couple separates, there can be a number of complications. Unlike couples who are married or in a civil partnership, you have no automatic rights over each other’s property and other assets. If there is a cohabitation agreement in place, this can make things significantly easier, but whatever the situation, good legal advice is a must.

We can assist with matters including:

  • Your rights (including over property and other assets)
  • Negotiating the terms of your separation
  • Making a separation agreement
  • The application of cohabitation agreements during separation

Divorce financial settlements

The right division of finances can make a huge difference to your current circumstances and your long-term financial security. We can make sure all of your needs and those of any dependants you have are fully considered and that you achieve a division of finances that fully reflects those needs.

Our divorce solicitors in Blackheath are experts in matters including:

  • Divorce and property
  • Divorce and pensions
  • Divorce and business assets
  • Financial provision for children
  • Spousal maintenance

Arrangements for children

Working out who children will live with and other ongoing childcare arrangements can be the most emotionally challenging part of a separation, but it is also perhaps the most vital. Our team will work closely with your family to make sure you get arrangements in place that match your children’s best interests while protecting your relationship with them.

Our family lawyers in Blackheath are experts in matters including:

  • Negotiating arrangements for children
  • Court applications for Child Arrangements Orders
  • Varying child arrangements
  • Resolving specific issues, e.g. where children should go to school
  • Prohibited Steps Orders, e.g. preventing children from being taken out of England and Wales

How our Blackheath divorce lawyers handle divorce and separation

A key question to consider when ending a relationship is – what do you want your life and your family to look like when this is over? This will always inform the approach we take, with our focus being on getting you the best possible terms for your separation, while also making sure we protect the best interests of children, avoid unnecessary conflict and take into account any other priorities you have.

There are various different methods we can use to work out the practical details of your divorce or separation. Which will be appropriate will depend on the circumstances, and we will be happy to advise you on the different options during your initial consultation with our team.

Divorce mediation

Mediation involves the separating parties having a series of meetings with a trained mediator who helps to facilitate negotiating the details of the separation, e.g. splitting finances and making arrangements for children.

The mediator acts as a neutral third-party who can advise on points of law and help to avoid conflict, but they will not tell the parties what to decide.

Mediation usually takes around 3-5 sessions and can be the fastest, most cost-effective way of making divorce arrangements.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law can be a good option for those divorces where there are more complex matters to resolve, but the parties are keen to avoid court proceedings. It involves the parties and their respective lawyers having a series of four-way ‘round the table’ meetings to negotiate the terms of the divorce.

The lawyers must be specially trained in collaborative law and will not be able to represent the parties if they decide to later take their divorce to court. This ensures that everyone is fully incentivised to make the process a success.

Collaborative law is typically more expensive than mediation, but significantly less expensive and much faster than court proceedings.

Divorce court proceedings

Where the parties cannot agree on issues such as finances and children, or it would be inappropriate to attempt to work together towards a voluntary settlement, then court proceedings may be required.

It is important to have the very best legal support and representation for divorce court proceedings so you can be confident your case is as strong as possible and that it is presented to the best effect.

Our divorce solicitors’ fees in Blackheath

The cost of divorce advice should be clear and proportionate to the quality of the service that you receive. Our divorce lawyers in Blackheath aim for complete transparency, so we will be happy to give a realistic breakdown of the likely costs involved at the outset.

Where appropriate, we can offer options such as fixed fee divorce, capped fees and deferred fee agreements to help with your budgeting.

To find out more about our Blackheath divorce solicitors’ fees, please get in touch.

Speak to our divorce solicitors in Blackheath, South London

For sensible, practical divorce advice in Blackheath and across South London, please contact our Blackheath office.

For divorce advice in other areas of London and across the South East, including Kent and Surrey, you can contact our local offices in Croydon, Medway and Guildford.